Sunday, April 12, 2009

Rogers' Pitch

*The FIST is a long-form comedic improvisational tournament held in Washington, D.C.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Episode 7: Rogers' Discovery

Episode 6: Rogers and Hepshu (With Subtitles)

Hey Hep Shu, when you said that you needed me to go to the store for milk and light bulbs, did you mean today? Does it have to be today?

Hepshu: Yes! Rogerson! Yes. We need light bulbs so we can see in our own house.

Rogers: Ok, ok. Thank-you for loving me for who I am.

Hepshu: Oh Rogerson I love you too very very much. Are you ok Rogerson?

Rogers: Just got the day off is all and too much time to think. Your going off to work at an office and such and I'm waiting around for a guy to show up with a gallon of K Y jelly.

Hepshu: That is a lot of K Y Jelly

Rogers: Yeah, well its mine and he borrowed it so I wanted it back for the shoot this afternoon.

Hepshu: Oh who are you fucking?

Rogers: Oh this new girl, probably a D P and some very light boo cocky, but not sure. I have been trying to write some stuff for my character but its tough. I thought of changing my character from a Pizza Delivery Guy to something else.

Hepshu: But the movie is called Pizza Delivery Guy 17

Rogers: Yeah, well he's been a pizza delivery guy 17 times, don't you think he might want to be something else? Doesn't anyone ever stop and consider what the pizza guy wants? Maybe the pizza guy wants bigger things? Maybe the pizza guy wants to take a little time off so he can get his G E D and start some night time community college classes. But thats not going to happen if we just go on ahead and make pizza delivery guy 18 and 19.

Hepshu: Why don't you make him manager?

Rogers: Manager, pizza guy manager. It could be the first in a franchise. Wow, I've never starred in the first in a series. A couple of sevens and nines, oh and a four once but never a one. Brilliant Hep Shu, freaking briliant! No wonder your eyes are so small, they have to hide that huge bulging brain. I freaking love you!

Hepshu: I love you too Rogerson.

Rogers: We'll never hug.

Hepshu: In good time Rogerson, in good time.